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The purpose of this website is to offer visitors an overview, not only of the services provided by the South African High Commission in London, but also of the ongoing cooperation between South Africa and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, two countries in different hemispheres but nevertheless linked by strong ties of friendship.

Ours is a humbling and uniquely African tale that moves from a painful beginning, passes through turbulent decades of oppression and struggle under Apartheid, and then enters into a truly inspirational present. Through it all the links between our peoples have endured.  During the long years of our struggle the British people stood with us, adding their voices to all those who condemned Apartheid and believed in freedom, democracy and a non racial society. It is South Africa's hope that these ties will continue to grow stronger as South Africa enjoys two decades of democracy and looks towards an even brighter future.

The Nelson Mandela statue on London’s Parliament Square, a wonderful tribute from the City of London to South Africa’s iconic freedom fighter and first democratic president, symbolises our mutual friendship and respect. Mandela speech to the Palace of Westminster on 11 July, 1996 outlined the nature of relationship between SA and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.