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               Retention of South African Citizenship

Application for the retention of RSA citizenship is an application that MUST be made before one acquires foreign nationality.  South African citizens who take up foreign citizenship without applying for retention of South African will lose their SA citizenship.  Persons under the age of 18 years do not need to apply for retention of their South African Citizenship, as they will not lose their citizenship whilst still minors

A person who has lost citizenship by virtue of failure to apply for the retention of RSA citizenship will have right to permanent residency in South Africa – if he or she was born in RSA.  Such a person will be allowed to apply for the resumption or reinstatement of South African in South Africa.  An application for resumption or reinstatement of RSA citizenship is approved on condition that such an applicant will live permanently in RSA once his or her application has been approved.

Immigration Consultants are not allowed to process or hand in any application related to services for South African citizens.  Only attorneys duly registered in South Africa are allowed to assist their clients in processing any applications to this office.  However, applications sent to this office by an attorney MUST be accompanied by a duly signed power of attorney. In terms of SA Immigration Act of 2002 as amended, Immigration practitioners duly registered in South Africa are ONLY allowed to handle applications related to foreigners.


The office dealing with South African passport holders will be opened from 08h45 to 12h45 Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Collections will be from 08h45 - 12h45

N.B: No appointments necessary; this is a walk in service. Incomplete application will not be accepted.


1. All forms must be completed in black ink


3. Completed BI-529 FORM.  All South African Citizens who are abroad at the time of lodging an application must fully complete this form. The purpose of the form is to establish that as a South African Citizen you have not lost your Citizenship. PLEASE MARK N/A TO QUESTIONS THAT ARE INAPPLICABLE.  It is worth noting that questions 9 – 11 MUST be answered. 

4. Certified copy of photo page of the passport.  Applicants who will be applying in person will be assisted by the Consular staff with the certification of their documents.


5. Letter of non-acquisition of British nationality; this letter should not be older than 3 months. Information on how to obtain non acquisition letter is available on this link:

6. Self-addressed special delivery envelope (with two large first class stamps) with all postal applications.

7. Applicants must write their email address on all correspondence.

8. Processing fee of £25.00, Payment must be in the form of cash or postal order payable to SA High Commission.


Postal Applications - 15 Working Days.

Counter Applications- Certificate issued same day.

Office of Department of Home Affairs

15 Whitehall

London, SW1A 2DD

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7925 8900



Page updated: 03/05/2018