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Forms must be completed in black ink.

  1. The passport form is not down loadable. It can be obtained in the following ways: 
  2. It can be collected from 15 Whitehall from 8:45 am - 12:45 pm, and can be completed before applying; or
  3. It can be requested by sending a self-addressed A4-size stamped* envelope to 15 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2 DD . Please specify that you want the form posted to you.

* The envelope should be stamped, not franked. Please check with your local post office for the appropriate postage stamp, otherwise your letter might not reach the office

Instructions for completing the above forms:

 1.    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

 2.    Form DHA-24 must be completed with the details as it is stated on the foreign birth certificate. Write in clear block letters.

 3.    Date of birth (see section A of form DHA 24) should be stated as YEAR, MONTH, DAY.

 4.    In case of a child born out of wedlock BOTH parents must be present when the application is submitted, unless the particulars of the father have been omitted on the foreign birth certificate. The surname on the DHA-24 must be recorded as either:

 a)    Under the surname of the mother (where the biological father’s details are omitted from the foreign birth certificate), OR

b)    Under the surname of the biological father of the child IF the father's particulars is recorded on the foreign birth certificate. This must be a joint request of the mother and the father, made and signed in the presence of the Consular Staff member on the day of submission of the application. See section D of form DHA-24

c)    NB part D of the form must be signed by both parents if parents are not married and the child is assuming fathers surname.

d)    NB part F must be signed by all parents married or not.

5.    Double-barrel surnames for children born out of wedlock will only be considered after birth registration. This will be regarded as an official change of surname (amendment application).

 6.    Should the parents be married and require a double –barrel surname for the child, both parents must acknowledge this on the sides (in the margin) of form DHA-24. If this is not specified and requested in writing, the child will be registered under the father's surname.

 7.    The informant is the child’s father or mother. See section E of form DHA-24