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Form DHA-529 is downloadable  HERE

Forms must be completed in black ink.

Determination of RSA citizenship (BI 529 form) must be fully completed by all South African citizens living outside of South Africa. 

NB: Foreign passports are not proof of citizenship. 

Holders of foreign citizenship MUST provide proof of how they acquired such citizenship by either

  1. A registration certificate or letter from the relevant authorities to confirm how and when citizenship was acquired. UK confirmation can be found here UK confirmation link:
  2. Naturalisation - Provide your naturalisation certificate AND letter of retention of South African Citizenship. South Africans born outside of South Africa must submit proof of South African Citizenship by means of their permanent residence permit AND South African Naturalisation certificate (2X certified copies each). 

Documents issued in a foreign language must be officially translated to English.

Child birth registration

DHA 529 must be completed by each South African parent in addition to the child DHA 529 on registration of birth application only.

Applicants who will be applying in person at the High Commission should bring the original documents including two copies of the original documents which will be certified by the official during submission.