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Office of the Department of Transport (Maritime Affairs)

The Office of the Department of Transport (Maritime Affairs) is responsible for the promotion of South Africa’s maritime interest and coordinating representation of South Africa at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

South Africa is endowed with land and the sea. It is strategically situated along the vital shipping routes of the world, the South Atlantic, the Indian and the Southern oceans; and the coastline of about 3 000 kilometers.

In that regard, maritime transport is one of the main contributors to the South African economy. The bulk of South African trade is moved by sea through its commercial ports. It is estimated that seaborne trade accounts about 90% of South African economy by volume.

Furthermore, South Africa is a member State to the IMO and has ratified and/or acceded to a number of its international regulations. Those regulations have been enacted to national legislation to ensure that South African marine environment is protected against pollution from ships, and that ships, cargo, crew and passengers onboard are safe and secured.

Within the structures of the IMO, South Africa is a member of Council under Category C.

Port State Control, Coastal State Responsibilities and Flag State Implementation

If you have interest in maritime and shipping governance regime in South African, you can contact this office for assistance, Department of Transport: Maritime Branch, or the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)


Alternate Permanent Representative of South Africa to IMO

Minister: Transport

Mr Sipho J Mbatha


South African High Commission

South Africa House

Trafalgar Square

London WC2N 5DP

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 451 7264

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Institutions offering Maritime Education and Training


·         New Forest High School: +27 31 4626206

·         Simon’s Town School: +27 21 786 1056

·         Sithengile High School: +27 31 711 3673

·         Tisand Technical High School: 27 35 796 1040


·         Cape Peninsula University of Technology: +27 21 440 5752

·         Durban University of Technology: +27 31 204 2144

·         South African International Maritime Institute: +27 41 504 4038

·         University of Cape Town:

·         University of KwaZulu Natal: +27 31 260 2994

·         University of Stellenbosch: +27 21 808 2252

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